What States Are Considered the Deep South?

The states commonly referred to as being part of the “deep south” are Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana. During the pre-civil war era these states were heavily reliant on plantations and slaves. The deep south is also referred to as the cotton states due to cotton being the primary cash crop during this time period.

deep south

What does the Deep South mean?

The deep south is a sub-region of the southern United States and was originally referred to as the lower south before the civil war. After the civil war the term deep south was made popular when referring to the 5 states of Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia due to the fact that these states were part of the old cotton belt.

Is Tennessee considered the Deep South?

According to Wikipedia Tennessee – which is popularly known by the nickname Volunteer State – is sometimes lumped in with the other states and referred to as being part of the deep south. However I think the above states are truly the deep south and any others are just border states, including Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

Overlap with The Bible Belt

There is a significant amount of overlap between the states in the Deep South and the states in the Bible Belt, though the latter region is usually considered to be broader. By most definitions, the Bible Belt includes the states in the Deep South, but additionally arguably includes North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, and possibly parts of Florida, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.