What States do Grizzly Bears Live in?

In the U.S., the grizzly bear can be found in Alaska, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and a few in Idaho. The population of grizzly bears in North America is around 55,000 with 31,000 of those in Alaska alone. Approximately 21,000 are in Canada and anywhere from 1200-1500 in the lower 48 states. The majority of the bears in the lower states are in Montana and Wyoming with a few pockets in Idaho and Washington.

Are grizzly bears endangered?

All grizzly bears in the lower 48 states have a threatened status and are protected by the government. The grizzly population in Yellowstone in 2018 was about 712 bears, down a little from previous years. Currently there are six recovery ecosystems for grizzly bears in the continental 48 states:

The grizzly bear is in no danger of extinction in Alaska, the polar bear however is listed as threatened on the endangered species list there.

Do grizzly bears attack humans?

Grizzly bears attacks do happen sometimes, enough to keep as much distance as possible from these animals. Assuming you are going Yellowstone National Park and wondering what your chances are to have a run in with a Grizzly, pretty astronomical. According to the National Park Service you have a 1 in 2.7 million chance (1 in 2.7 million visits ti the park) of being injured by a grizzly at Yellowstone.

Cool grizzly bear facts 

  • 75% of a grizzly bear’s diet is berries, leaves and nuts
  • A grizzly bear’s front claws can reach 4 inches in length
  • Grizzly bears eat up to 90 pounds of food a day
  • In 1807 President Thomas Jefferson was given a pair of grizzly bear cubs as a gift which he kept on the white house grounds
  • They will occasionally interbreed with polar bears creating a hybrid that people call grolar bears

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